Future Sound Asia is one of Malaysia’s leading music experience companies. Since our inception in 2001, we have been producing and organizing events featuring musicians, DJs and creative artists from all around the world. We have worked with all types in the industry: from new and upcoming artistes to the biggest international stars in music today, and have produced events ranging from simple, practical setups to multimillion dollar extravaganzas.

We also work closely with international brands and multinational companies to provide groundbreaking entertainment marketing which ranges from local to regional in scope, with budgets that are modest to huge in scale.

Our aim is to provide our clients and customers a smooth and unforgettable experience at our events. We care deeply about the events we create and the people who come to them, and our utmost concern is for everyone to have an amazing time and most importantly have fun!

Future Sound Asia produces and organizes large and small scale events ranging from music festivals to club events and corporate campaigns. We are a passionate and experienced team of professionals dedicated to creating the best event production in line with our clients’ vision and brand concept.

Once our clients have established a concept and objectives for the event, we will work with them to design and create the ultimate experience for their target audience.

Future Sound Asia is a comprehensive entertainment agency, providing our clients with a wide range of highly organised event production services.